The inside of the machine : old Pentium 200 with 32 Mb memory, an 850 Mb harddisk and 2 network cards. I took out the fan of the power-supply and enlarged the cooling. I also took away some of the housing. The temperature remains at around 48 deg. Celsius.

The only fan thatís left is the one for the processor but the noise is very low. Tests with a passive heatsink resulted in temperatures of over 70 deg. Celsius.

As you see on the left there are 3 extra pieces of aluminium to reduce an extra 10 degrees on the initial 58 deg. Celsius. A small car temperature indicator with external sensor shows 47.8 deg. Celsius measured on the original heatsink in the power-supply, close to the biggest transistor.

On the back of the machine just a small amount of cables: power,
keyboard, monitor, UTP-cable to cable-modem and a UTP-cable to my hub. The printer is not yet attached. The curly cable in the back is the temperature sensor cable



Finally, all covered up and the temperautre visible from my desk.

The next step is to put the machine on the floor, attach the printer and disconnect the monitor and keyboard. The controls can be done from my main computer by telnet, ftp and samba.


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